Why Sponsor Codetivate?

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Why do companies sponsor Codetivate?

Brand marketing

Codetivate attendees, mentors, ambassadors, and speakers are influencers in tech communities, social media platforms, campuses around the world, and more. They work with cutting-edge technologies and make recommendations about brands they love to their networks.

  • Experiential Marketing
  • Lead Acquisition
  • Brand Marketing
  • Product Marketing
  • Collegiate Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Developer Marketing
developer relations

Codetivate attendees create technology as their full-time jobs but they behave like every consumer of technology. They come to conferences and hackathons to hone their skills and learn about new technologies and products they'll use in their careers for years to come.

  • Developer Evangelism
  • Developer Relations 
  • Product Feedback
  • Product Innovation
  • Developer Platform Adoption
Talent Acquisition

Diverse top and emerging tech talents go to conferences and hackathons like Codetivate, not career fairs. They're there to discover new technologies, network with like-minded people, learn, hone, and show off their skills by competing to build prototypes that scale.

  • Employer Branding
  • Faster Hiring
  • Reduced Cost per hire
  • University Recruiting 
  • Interns/freelancers Recruiting
  • Talent Sourcing

Success Measures

Brand Marketing

Meet Balsamiq (one of 2021 Codetivate sponsors), despite the prominence of their major competitors (Figma and Adobe XD), Codetivate attendees had the opportunity to try Balsamiq first-hand after they worked with us to provide an extended trial for everyone. In fact, the winning project was entirely prototyped on Balsamiq! And their influence brought in other competitors like Axure and Sketch as sponsors for Codetivate last year.

Developer Relations

Meet Qoom (one of 2021 Codetivate sponsors), a browser-based Web development platform. To evangelize their product, we worked with them to host a Web development workshop using their platform which made nearly 100% of the workshop attendees create a Qoom account during the workshop and code their projects live on Qoom.

2021 Partners and Sponsors